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  • Individual approach to every student
  • Combination of the most effective teaching methods - classic and innovative
  • Flexible personal training schedule - in-studio or at student's home, online lessons available
  • Affordable lesson fees
  • Professional level of training

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The Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) invites music lovers to learn the accordion. This is a relatively "young" musical instrument, widely spread in the second half of the XIX century. A unique companion for musician, accordion becomes more demanding instrument because of its technical ability to simulate the sounds of a variety of other instruments, actually replacing them. No wonder these instruments are loved in many countries - Americas, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, among others. 


Why do I need accordion lessons,  I do not really like folk music?

If tango rhythms, Latin American tunes excite your blood, make your heart beat faster, then you should learn the accordion. Some people, not familiar with accordion, believe that it can be suitable for folk music only. And they are wrong! In the virtuoso's hands this amazing instrument can turn into a kind of a small orchestra, which has excellent artistic and executive capabilities. The unique device control allows you to extract the sound of almost any length, even play organ! You have great possibility to play your favorite songs, arrange your favorite tunes to perform masterpieces of world classics in a spectacular interpretation. And, of course, to be able to touch the rich heritage of the peoples of the world of music!  



      Bayan, accordion is:

  • Universal accompaniment
  • A huge range of sound
  • Available for solo performance, participation in orchestras, ensemble, bands
  • Variety of genres- folk, jazz, classical and pop music, rock
  • Portable size - can bring everywhere to perform - from small rooms to concert halls
Colour Accordion Method - Early Childhood Development - 香港手風琴音樂學院 Hong Kong Accordion School of Mus
香港手風琴音樂學院 Early childhood development through music courses at Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) Visit our website for more details at Book your free trial lesson by +852 6477 6975
J.S.Bach Invention No. 8 in F Major - 香港手風琴音樂學院 Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia)
J.S. Bach Invention No. 8 in F Major performed by our student on free bass button accordion at Hong Kong Accordion School of Music(Asia). Join us to learn an accordion! Book your free trial lesson today at WhatsApp us at +852 6477 6975
Three Year Old Student's Scale Practicing - 香港手風琴音樂學院 Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia)
Our youngest accordion student scale practicing at Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) Join us at Give us a call +862 6477 6975 or email
Famous Ukrainian Song Accordion Performance - 香港手風琴音樂學院 Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia)
Ukrainian song performed by accordion student at HKSAM(A) More information on accordion lessons at
La Vie En Rose - 香港手風琴音樂學院HK Accordion School of Music (Asia)
由香港手風琴音樂學院,專業手風琴導師Andrew Birkun演出 Accordion solo performance by Andrew Birkun at Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia). Visit our website http://www.Accordion.Asia for more information on our lessons and events at HKASMA
Autumn leaves by Andrew Birkun - 香港手風琴音樂學院HK Accordion School of Music (Asia)
Autumn leaves jazz accordion performance by Andrew Birkun - Hong Kong Accordion school of music (Asia) More information on accordion lessons at
Button Accordion Improvisation - 香港手風琴音樂學院 HK Accordion School of Music
即興演奏按鈕式手風琴,由香港手風琴學院專業導師Andrew Birkun 示範 Button accordion improvisation by Andrew Birkun at Hong Kong Accordion School of Music.
香港手風琴 Ted Baker Fashion Catwalk Accordion Performance - Pacific Place, Hong Kong
Accordion solo performance at the Ted Baker (London) fashion catwalk by Andrew Birkun, Pacific Place, Hong Kong.
香港手風琴 Säkkijärven Polkka - Chinese Button Accordion by Andrew Birkun, Hong Kong
Säkkijärven Polkka - very popular Finnish polka, played by musicians on different instruments around the world.
香港手風琴 Edith Piaf - Sous Le Ciel De Paris - Accordion, Andrew Birkun, Hong Kong
Sous Le Ciel De Paris ( Under Paris Skies) - French Accordion performance by Andrew Birkun @Food Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. More music
手風琴香港"INDIFFERENCE" (E.Murena - J.Colombo) by Andrew Birkun, accordion, Hong Kong
Accordion Waltz - Musette "INDIFFERENCE" (E.Murena - J.Colombo) performed by Andrew Birkun on button accordion in Hong Kong.
手風琴香港 Luci E Ombre - Valzer - Andrew Birkun - Accordion Player in Hong Kong
Luci E Ombre - valzer, music by P. Pizzigoni, performed by Andrew Birkun, an accordion player based in Hong Kong.
香港手風琴 Edith Piaf - La Foule - French Accordion Performance, Andrew Birkun, Hong Kong
Andrew Birkun plays original French song "La Foule" on accordion @Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. More music

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The Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) offers Accordion Lessons with a qualified and experienced European teacher. The school provides quality Accordion training for students of all ages and all levels. 香港手風琴音樂學校(亞洲)提供各式手風琴班,由經驗豐富的外籍手風琴導師"Andrew Birkun"親自教導。課程不限年齡及對手風琴有興趣的人仕歡迎查詢。

Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) address:

Rm2305 Workingview Commercial Building, 21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

P: (+852) 6477 6975  E: 
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