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Accordion Teacher Andrew Birkun

Andrew started learning to play the accordion at the age of 6 in his hometown in Ukraine. After studying for 7 years at a local music school, he entered the Chernihiv Musical College. L. Revutsky as an accordion teacher. Then, in 1994, Andrew began teaching his first accordion students at a local music school. In addition, he actively performed with the school orchestra, participated in accordion competitions, music festivals, etc. At the same time, he formed a musical group. And participated in many national festivals, such as “Chervona Ruta Final” (Kyiv), a festival of alternative music in Zaporozhye, etc. Also Andrew participated in various musical events including wedding, corporate and private functions.

After coming to Hong Kong in 2003, Andrew started performing and became an accordion teacher here in Hong Kong. Despite some difficulties with the distribution of accordion music in Hong Kong. This instrument is not widely known.

Today the accordion is more recognisable. Andrew was invited to the Ocean Park dolphin show to play on the accordion with Latin band.
At the same time, he participated in other local activities including Hong Kong and Macau.
He also took part as an accordionist in various concert events of local bands, as well as to teach the accordion.

Andrew is an active musician in the local scene. His goal is to promote more accordion music and western culture in Asia.


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