In Hong Kong Accordion Music (Asia), adult students usually have 60 minutes of accordion lessons once a week, and younger students between the ages of 4 and 12 can attend 45 minutes a week. Thus, the duration and frequency of lessons are flexible and can be adjusted depending on the student’s level, learning objectives, as well as accessibility, and, ultimately, budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may pay either online on our website, by ATM transfer, by cheque, or by cash on your arrival.
You have to prepay your lesson fees before your first lesson starts.
We do have some discounts on particular lesson plans i.e Adult Individual Plan C, where you can get $1,900 discount (see plan details on the course page), or Adult Individual Plan B.
At HKAM(A) we do provide an instrument for our students. However, to be able to practice at home you will require to buy an accordion for your own. Alternatively you can rent an accordion from our school. More information on how to rent or buy the instrument can be received at our school.
We can help you to buy one for you! HKAM(A) has stable and long lasting connections with known Italian accordions factories. Because of long time relations we can obtain the accordion from the factory at much cheaper price. Also we can help you to order right type of accordion suitable for your particular needs such a size, range, keyboard type, weight, etc. You can refer to our Accordion Store section.
All Italian-made accordions are high-quality instruments. With your good care, it will last for a long time. Also, we do have a maintenance warranty.
This is a good question. First, you need to know how far you're going to go in learning the accordion. We may recommend you to buy more advanced instrument with at least 96 BASS keys. Also you may want to learn FREE BASS accordion to be able to play classical songs. So the advice is - to buy a more advanced accordion even if you are a beginner. Later you will have more room to improve your playing skills.

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