Purchases & Payments

At HKAM(A) we do provide an instrument for our students. However, to be able to practice at home, you will need to buy one for your own. Alternatively, you can rent an accordion from our school. More information on how to rent or buy the instrument can be received at our school.
We can help you to buy one for you! HKAM(A) has stable and long-lasting connections with known Italian accordion factories. Because of long-time relations, we can obtain the accordion from the factory at a much lower price. Also, we can help you order the correct type of accordion suitable for your particular needs such as size, range, keyboard type, weight, etc. You can refer to our Accordion Store section.
You may pay online on our website, by ATM transfer, cheque, or cash during your lesson.
All Italian-made accordions are high-quality instruments. With your good care, it will last for a long time. Also, we do have a maintenance warranty.
No. We will take care of the ordering, purchasing and delivery of the instrument to your place. We can help you to buy an instrument at a special student price. Also, we will take care of all custom and shipping procedures.
For some of our students, we may consider helping with the payment. These quality accordions are not cheap so as for any worthy things you will need to invest some money in them. Here we can help you to pay by parts.
Usually, the delivery time is one to three months. Depends on the model, complexity, etc. For instance - the FREE BASS accordion will need to have more time to produce the STANDARD BASS accordion. Another thing is - you can get your instrument earlier if the factory has some models in stock. Also, consider public/summer holidays.
If you got the accordion, please make a picture or video WHILE you're actually opening the box. So we may have the evidence that the damage was caused in the process of delivery. We do have a warranty in that case. You will get another new accordion as soon as possible!
Yes, we will issue an official receipt for your purchase from HKAM(A).
This is a good question. First, you need to know how far you're going to go in learning the accordion. We may recommend you buy a more advanced instrument with at least 96 BASS keys. Also, you may want to learn the FREE BASS accordion to be able to play classical songs. So the advice is - to buy a more advanced accordion even if you are a beginner. Later you will have more room to improve your playing skills.

Lessons & Courses

Students can start as early as two years old! We have student range from 2 to 65 years old. The most important thing is actually willing to study the instrument. It is never too late (or too early )) for you to learn as long as you have the means and the opportunity to do so. If you are interested in learning and have the willingness and time to do so, you should take the chance to learn.
Hong Kong Accordion Music (Asia) provides classical, folk and modern types of accordion lessons.
At HKAM(A) we currently teach how to play piano accordion and B System chromatic button accordion, bayan.
Yes, you may stop lessons at any time, no obligations.
Our standard accordion lessons are 60 minutes. For younger kids the duration of the lesson can be from 30 to 45 minutes.
Lessons are most commonly held once a week. However, if you want to progress faster, then you can have two lessons per week.
To start playing accordion at all you will require a basic knowledge. So, before you want to learn any types of playing - you will have to learn academic first.
We teach our students from complete beginner to advanced professionals.
We have not yet come across one student that does not have some sort of musical abilities. Everyone has their talents! Someone is better at reading score, someone better improvise, etc. It's not about how talented you are, but how diligent and determined and how much you play the accordion!
We know that you have a busy schedule and we want to make sure you feel you are getting the most out of your lessons. We offer a 24 hour cancellation policy. All student and teacher cancellations are made up. A lesson that is cancelled the same day as the lesson, by the student, will be charged in full and will not be made up.
We highly recommend that you take lessons on a weekly basis. However, we do also offer lessons every other week. We found that students, who taking lessons at every week basis, learn at exceptionally faster rate. And in the end - it is more efficient and more economical to take lessons on a weekly basis.
All of your information is held with strict confidentiality. We do not and will never sell or release any of your information.
It is not necessarily, however Accordion Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates are availbale to obtain in Hong Kong from Trinity College London, UK We can prepare you (or your kid) for accordion examination on your request. More info about that you can find on Trinity website
All depends on your personal skills, your willingness, etc. Usually, our students start to play right on the first lesson on of learning the accordion. Once again, if you put enough effort to it!
As at any school, we have our lesson policy. For example, you need to skip your scheduled lesson - in this case, we will arrange a makeup lesson for you at the teacher's availability. But, you have to inform your teacher at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, your lesson will be considered missed and no compensation will be offered. More information is available at the school.

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