Professional Piano SuperMusette

Call for Price

Professional piano accordion made by Fisitalia factory in Italy.
Pre-order only. Please send your enquiry to

Instrument Specifications






Bassoon in Cassotto only





Treble Reeds


Bass Reeds


Treble Registers


Bass Registers



11.6 KG


Special Hand Made

Making & Delivery Time

3-4 Months

Are all these accordions of good quality?
All Italian made accordions are of a high quality instruments. With your good care it will last for a long time. Also we do have a maintenance warranty.
Do I need to contact particular factory to purchase the instrument?
Definitely no! We will take care of the process of ordering, purchasing and delivering the instrument to your place. We can help you to buy an instrument on a special student price. Also we will take care of all custom and shipping procedures. 
May I make a payment by installment?
We may consider to help with the payment for some of our students. These quality accordions are not cheap at all so as for any worthy things, you will need to invest some money in it. Here we can help you to pay the cost by parts. 
What is the delivery time of accordion?
Usually the delivery time is one to five months. Depends on the model, complexity, etc. For instance - the FREE BASS accordion will need to have more time to produce than STANDARD BASS accordion. Another thing is  - you can get your instrument earlier, if the factory do have some models in stock. Also consider their public / summer holidays.
What if accordion I received is damaged?
On your receiving the accordion, please make a picture or video WHILE you're actually opening the box. So we may have the evidence that the damage was caused in the process of delivery. We do have warranty in that case. You will get another new accordion as soon as possible!
Is there any invoice I can get from you for tax purpose?
Yes, we will issue an official receipt on your accordion purchase from HKAM(A)
Which accordion will suit me the best?
This is a good question. First, you need to know how far you're going to go in learning the accordion. We may recommend you to buy more advanced instrument with at least 96 BASS keys. Also you may consider to learn FREE BASS accordion, allowing you to play some classical songs. So the advice is - you may want to buy  more advanced accordion even you are a beginner. Later you will have even more room to improve your playing skills.

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