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Our Courses

Our Courses

Accordion Lessons at HKASM(A)

The Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) offers lessons with qualified and experienced accordion teacher from Europe with more than 15 years of teaching and performing accordion. The HKASM(A) provides training for students of all levels and all ages conducted in English language.
Our courses available in many styles:

  • Classical
  • Modern (Jazz)
  • Folk Accordion


  • 古典手風琴課程
  • 現代(爵士)手風琴課程
  • 民間手風琴課程

We recommend you to start your studies from 4 lesson plan first.

You will be able to evaluate the possibilities, prospects, take the first steps on the path of accordion music.
If you are sure that the studies on the accordion the right choice - we recommend a long subscription of twenty-four classes.
You will learn the proper fit, accordion setting, correct hands position, build up and fix performance skills, learn how to perform songs with double notes, syncopation, chords, improve hearing, sense of rhythm, master the program overall development of musical and creative thinking.


而基礎訓練是非常重要。開始學習時不要因一時之快而走捷徑,放棄全面性基礎訓練,衹採用強記或習慣性的模仿練習方法局限於用作比賽或考試的樂章上,從而缺乏練習不同時期樂章彈奏及基本功練習,如果你相當熱愛手風琴,又想更加了解及研究 - 我們建議你選擇24堂課程。

您將會學習正確的手指擺位,樂理知識、閱譜訓練, 多種節奏感訓練, 多種複雜拍子認識, 即興演奏訓練,執譜、練耳訓練, 針對講述不同品牌手風琴的特性, 手風琴保養知識,教授正確、有效、節省時間的練習方法及如何掌握音樂與俱創意靈活的演奏。

The accordion training program at the HKASM(A) for beginners allows you to master the whole range of possibilities of accordion. In our accordion classes you will master them under the guidance of experienced accordion teacher. Our teacher will teach you to perform a huge variety of music and songs you want to learn on accordion. While learning to play the accordion, you will learn the correct position of the body, hands, fingering, etc.

Courses at HKASM(A) are individually prepared for each student, taking into account one's capabilities, desires, previous experience, etc.

Our piano accordion courses are suitable for those who know how to play the piano. The keys on the right part of the accordion keyboard similar to a piano. However, even the student has previously learned the piano - there is a good chance to learn chromatic accordion (bayan) instead.

There are many arrangements of major works for accordion and bayan, opens huge prospects for Argentinian tango lovers, Brazilian music, French chanson, Italian folk tunes, etc. 
Accordion studies are good for those who love soulful songs, folk music, etc.


CodeCourse TitleAssigned TagsLocationPrice
AGPAdult Group Planaccordion, adults, beginner, button, pianoCauseway Bay1100.00 HKD Per Month
AIPAAdult Individual Plan Aadults, beginner, button, pianoCauseway Bay2400.00 HKD Per Month
AIPBAdult Individual Plan Badults, beginner, button, pianoCauseway Bay4400.00 HKD
AIPCAdult Individual Plan Cadults, beginner, button, pianoCauseway Bay12500.00 HKD Per Course
KIPKids Individual Planaccordion, beginner, button, kids, pianoCauseway Bay1800.00 HKD Per Month
KIPSKids Individual Plan "Saver"accordion, beginner, button, kids, pianoCauseway Bay10000.00 HKD Per Course

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The Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) offers Accordion Lessons with a qualified and experienced European teacher. The school provides quality Accordion training for students of all ages and all levels. 香港手風琴音樂學校(亞洲)提供各式手風琴班,由經驗豐富的外籍手風琴導師"Andrew Birkun"親自教導。課程不限年齡及對手風琴有興趣的人仕歡迎查詢。

Hong Kong Accordion School of Music (Asia) address:

Rm2305 Workingview Commercial Building, 21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

P: (+852) 6477 6975  E: 
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