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Free Bass Accordion


Bach, Ph. E. March in G BWV Anh.124 (from Notebook for Anna Magdelena)

Bärenreiter BA5242

Chr. Petzold (atrib. Bach) Menuet in G Major & Menuet in G Minor BWV Anh. 114 & 115 (from Notebook for Anna Magdelena)

Bärenreiter BA5242

Clerambault arr Mogens Ellegard No.4 Allegro (Gaiamente) (from Polyphones Spielbuch book 4)

Preissler JP435/IV

Hässler arr Mogens Ellegard No.14 Allegro I & No.15 Allegro II (from Polyphones Spielbuch Book 4)

Josef Preissler JP435/IV

Jacobi, Wolfgang No2. Aalá (Galicien) (from 10 Polyphone Stücke nach Spanischen Volksliedern)

Preissler JP471

Jutila, Unto No.6 The Dancing Snowman (from A Little Accordion Player)


Kabalevsky, Dimitri The Clown (from From 24 Little Pieces)

Boosey & Hawkes M060034299

Khachaturian, Aram A little Song (from Pictures of Childhood)

Boosey & Hawkes M060034824

Lundquist, Torbjörn No.3 Invention in F (from Neun Zweistimmige Inventionen für Akkordeon)

Hohner MH133266

Lundquist, Torbjörn No.11 Langsammer Valse (from Allerlei)

Hohner MH132011

Lundquist, Torbjörn No.13 Valse Douce (from Allerlei)

Hohner MH132011

Lundquist, Torbjörn No.6 Gajo & No.9 Frölische Singen die Vögdelein  (from Allerlei)

Hohner MH132011

Makkonen, Petri Floating in the Stardust (from Space Music)


Mozart Allegro in F, K15a. (from Mozart – Piano Pieces)

Henle HN22

Nielsen, Carl No.7 Marziale (from Piano Music for Young and Old Op.53 Vol.1)

Edition Wilhelm Hansen  H29625

Scarlatti, Domenico Larghetto – K34 (from Scarlatti – an Introduction to His Keyboard Works)


Schumann Soldiers March (from No.2 from Op.68 Album for the Young)

Henle Verlag/UMP UK HN45 / EDP 1302

Seiber, Mátyás Cake-Walk (from Easy Dances Book 2)

Schott ED2546

Semionov, Viatcheslav Old Dance (No. 2 in D major) (from Childrens suite No.1)

Schmülling Cat No: 1011

Semionov, Viatcheslav Cuckoo (No. 2 Andantino) (from Childrens suite No.2)

Schmülling Cat No: 1010

Trad. Waltz from Hailuoto Island (from Finnish Folk Music for Accordion)

Bradleys Music

Zolotariev, Vladislav  No.4 That queer thing from Düsseldorf (from Childrens suite No.1)

Schmülling Cat No: 1055


Standard Bass Accordion

Bernau, Wilhelm No.9 Andante (from Musikmappe für Akkordeon Book 1)

Hohner MH121054

Bethman, Sieg. No.5 Abenleidchen (from Vortragsstücke Für Akkordeon)

Edition Bärenreiter Praha (ex Supraphon) H3987

Fugazza, Felice No.1 Quando L’Organo Suona (from I Successi Di Pierino)

Bérben 338

Fugazza, Felice No.5 Barcarola (from I Successi Di Pierino)

Bérben 338

Kolz, H Dizzy Lizzy (from Das große Swing-Buch für Akkordeon)

Hohner MH999005

Kolz, H Waltz for Sebastien (from Das große Swing-Buch für Akkordeon)

Hohner MH 999005

Koželuh, Leopold Pastorale (from Czech Classic Masters)

Barenreiter Praha (ex. Supraphon) H4954

Kuoppamäki arr. Ari-Matti Saira Blue and White (from Accordion Player’s Suitcase)


Lowthian, Ian No.52 Jean & Andy Leonard’s Waltz (Ornaments optional) (from Scottish folk tunes for Accordion)

Schott ED12885

Makkonen, Petri No.2 Folk Dance from Neptune (from Space Music)


Makkonen, Petri Ahhh… (from Five pieces for accordion)

AMS-production ISMN 979-0-706325-21-7

Marcosignori, Gervasio No.1 Ninna Nanna (from Quattro Bagatelle)

Bérben 1608

Marcosignori, Gervasio No.2 Gavotta (from Quattro Bagatelle)

Bérben 1608

Saira, Ari-Matti The Old Samovar (from Magic Finger 1)

AMS-production IMSN 979-0-706325-06-04

Sanskij arr. Ari-Matti I’m playing the Accordion (from Accordion Player’s Suitcase)

AMS-production ISMN M-706325-12-5

Schlunk, Tilo Kehraus (T Schlunck) (from Für Kleine Musikanten Book 1)

Hohner MH120104

Trad. Arr Suomela Old MacDonald had a Farm

Bradleys Music

Trad. Arr Lowthian No.28 The Barren Rocks of Aden (from Scottish folk tunes for Accordion)

Schott ED12885

Zilcher, Herman Variationen über ein fränkisches Volkslied – Theme & Variations No.1 & No.2 (from Album für Akkordeon)

Hohner MH120028