Our Story

About us – We are Hong Kong-based accordion studio, found in 2014 by Andrew Birkun, an accordion tutor and performer from Ukraine. Andrew has begun his accordion journey at the age of 8 by taking accordion lessons at the local music school in Ukraine. After years of studying and performing accordion, he eventually came to Hong Kong as a restaurant musician. Actually, specialize in playing and singing famous Ukrainian and foreign songs.
After some time in Hong Kong, Andrew found that local people are not familiar with this type of instrument. Then he decided to get closer to actually teaching the accordion.
Since then we have had students ranging from 2 to 68 years old.

We are planning to expand our accordion knowledge to a wider range of the public.

What We Do

Most of our students are adults and came to learn the accordion at our accordion studio after they visited some European countries. They noticed the accordion performance and fell in love with this amazing instrument. Then our future students arrive at our studio and want to learn “that song”! We are pleased to make somebody’s dreams come true! And we’re proud of that! Of course, besides that, we do classically teach our students.